Tailor made sandwich-panels

According to customer specifications

Welcome to Kenpo Sandwich

Kenpo Sandwich AB, Halmstad has profound experience in developing and producing tailor made sandwich-panels according to customer specifications.

Our products can be found in a variety of sectors where the emphasis is focused on execution, flexibility and weight. The transport, telecom and construction industries form the centre of our production but our sandwich-panels can also be found in other areas such as the local docks.

All kinds of materials for both the outside surfaces and cores, according to your requirements, can be implemented in the traditional “sandwich-technique”. The introduction of the new, hi-tech RTI-Panel gives us a leading edge in our industry.

The RTI-Panel designed and patented by Kenpo-Sandwich, benefits the environment by enabling extreme light-weight production and a reduction in carbon-dioxide waste, an all important factor.

Kenpo Sandwich AB

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